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About us

We understand ourselves as an independent collective of artists creating art for the beauty itself.

Art connects people all over the world, is universal and knows no borders. Art brings joy and helps through difficult times. But Art never follows a straight line, so every of our projects is unique and surprising. Our artists keep thinking in every direction and constantly reinvent themselves.


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As a Mint-Pass holder you can mint any future drop for free. The ARTfam Mint-Pass is limited to 333. Each pass is numbered and contains an unique artwork.

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the journey

We create at least 2 new collections a year. This gives us the time and space to implement our ideas and strengthen our concept. For you it’s an opportunity to collect a lot of amazing art on a regular basis. We’re also doing 1/1’s when we have good stuff to publish.

ARTfam is being further developed and expanded as a brand. The goal is an IRL gallery for digital art and various exhibitions to connect the community and attract more people for this new form of art and it’s endless possibilities.



ip ownership

When you mint or purchase an ARTfam NFT, you own the image.
You are free to use it for any purpose.