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hidden island


Hidden Island is a curated collection of 350 artworks representing the simple and beautiful architecture of the mediterranean area. Each work of art is unique and a real treat for the eyes and the soul. Find your favorite place and own a part of this unexplored island. The entire collection is like a dream holiday trip and a walk with many sights. Discover minimalist buildings by day and by night, enjoy beautiful details, great views and a relaxed atmosphere.


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“Neurons” is a captivating generative black and white art project that embarks on a visual journey through the intricate world of neuronal networks.

Bridging the fields of neuroscience and art, this innovative endeavor invites viewers to explore the enigmatic beauty of the inner workings of the human brain and its artificial recreation.

“Neurons” employs generative algorithms to create a series of mesmerizing black and white artworks. These digital masterpieces offer a unique perspective on the abstract concepts of neural networks and artificial intelligence, transforming data into mesmerizing visual poetry.

These generative artworks challenge viewers to contemplate the profound connections that underlie human consciousness. Each piece invites the viewer to delve into the complexities of human thinking and reveals the beauty that exists in the realm of scientific inquiry.

Each artwork is produced in high resolution, so that the fine details in the background are shown off well.



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FLOW breathes life into the artworks of our Mint Pass, transforming each
masterpiece into a dynamic dance of colors.
Watch as the hues cascade and intertwine, the canvases come to life,
pulsating with energy as the colors move and flow, inviting you to
experience art in a whole new dimension.

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of 333 vibrant and animated abstract paintings, each a mesmerizing visual symphony.




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Artfam: the inner core

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The inner core nft gives you the opportunity to mint ARTfam art on various blockchains for free. 

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no mobile phone phobia – is the technical term for cell phone addiction, i.e. the fear of not having your cell phone with you and therefore being unreachable or missing something. 

This collection describes a very common problem that nowadays people are too connected to their smartphone and when they don’t have it with them they get anxious or feel insecure.

A collection that combines good old times optics and modern technology to show unique moments that seem familiar but at the same time draw attention to this problem in our society.

ARTfam’s debut on Solana

STATUS: sale is live!

6 Artworks // Editions of 20 // 0.1 SOL each 

Special Airdrop for collectors of the full set

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